Cathy Olson Scholarship

The Cathy Olson Scholarship is offered annually by ASGNA In Memory of GI Nurse Cathy Olson

Cathy was a long time member of ASGNA & SGNA. She was also member of the ASGNA board for several years was a GI nurse for many years attending both local and national SGNA meetings.


Cathy started her career in Endoscopy department of Maryvale Samaritan Medical Center and finished her career with the Arizona Medical Clinic, Gastroenterology Department. Her expertise and knowledge in GI was invaluable to everyone. She will be greatly missed was born November 19, 1948 and passed away November 11, 2009 after a courageous three year battle with leukemia.

In 2010, ASGNA will offer a education scholarship of $100.00 to an ASGNA member in memory of Cathy. The Cathy Olson scholarship will be awarded annually at the ASGNA Fall conference.

Submission dates: Applications will be accepted starting the first day of August each year.

Deadline to apply is the first Friday of September each year. Example: September 5th, 2014

Criteria for Application:

Applicant must be a member of ASGNA with 2 years of GI experience as Nurse or Associate with an applicable education expense to apply the scholarship funds to.

Cathy Olson Scholarship Application

General Information: 
Name: ______________________________ Title (RN, Associate, Etc):_______________
Home Address: ______________________________
City:_______________State:___________ ZIP: _________
H phone:______________W phone:______________ Email__________________________
ASGNA Member? yes or no: _________________ Since what year?:____________________

Briefly detail your years spent in GI practice and your most current employment responsibilities:


What you would do with the scholarship money if you are selected?



Submittal Method:

Please highlight the above fields with your mouse and "copy" them, then click the below e-mail link to paste the fields and e-mail the completed form to the ASGNA e-mail address below.

e-mail applications to: