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From the President


I began my journey with SGNA 35 years ago when I joined the Michigan Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates. I watched my mentor Lee Suits, who was at the time the President, share her time and talent with my GI department encouraging us to attend events, participate in committees and grow as professional nurses in our area of expertise.

After moving to Phoenix in 2010, I did what I knew best!  I jumped in headfirst, attending events, joining committees, and participating as a leader in the Arizona Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates. I started to get to know people, develop relationships and over time those people became colleagues, and friends. 

As I begin my term as the ASGNA president, I am thankful for all the experiences I have gained as a volunteer and board member for the past 12 years. These experiences have made me stronger and more connected than I had ever imagined. 

As members, you are investing in one of the greatest Regions in SGNA!  To find the best return on your investment as a member of ASGNA, I encourage you to get involved or engage in a new way. Attend events, participate in programs, and join committees. ASGNA is a great place to stretch yourself, develop new skills and to network with other professionals who share your passion of Gastroenterology.  Sharing your talent and a little bit of your time is worth the long-term benefit of truly connecting and growing as a member.  

This year, we ARE meeting – virtually and in-person. We are trying to create innovative ways to do things differently as professionals and as an organization.  We are starting new conversations and embracing an inclusive professional climate of respect for all people. And we will stay true to our core, creating powerful connections and meaningful education for members.    

To be successful, we will need your help – it is a great time to get involved. We need your ideas! Let us know what we can do to best support you during this time.   

Change is exciting and I look forward to keeping you updated; connect with me at any time. Together. #ASGNA

Elaine Jewett. RN, CGRN


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