Virtual Education Session April 29, 2021

“Back to Basics: Infection Prevention in the GI Endoscopy Unit”

The importance of infection prevention seems obvious: getting an infection is bad and no one wants a patient, a team member, or themselves to get one. But what is the true impact of Healthcare-acquired Infections? This one-hour, faculty-directed CNE activity will present information on the impact of hospital-acquired infections in GI Endoscopy and discuss various practices to prevent infection.

Virtual Team Meeting

"Fostering a Culture of Safety in the GI Endoscopy Suite"

GI Endoscopy units are among other healthcare settings that are met with challenges in providing safe care to their patients. An overarching philosophy that addresses such safety challenges as the possibility of infection is a culture of safety. This culture drives every aspect of the setting, and its existence should be obvious to the patients and the staff. This program is intended to guide the GI Endoscopy unit in embracing a culture of safety specifically through infection prevention.

Please see the flyer for all the details. Please share the information with co-workers and others. All are welcome to participate! We hope that you can join us for the excellent opportunity!


Kim Semenza, RN

ASGNA Education Chair