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Professional Advancement

The Arizona Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates cheers you on in your advancement and professional development.


Becoming certified helps to maintain and improve the knowledge, understanding and skill of nurses in the fields of gastroenterology and gastroenterology endoscopy.


Participate - with committees or on the board - The ASGNA is a great place to gain experience with committee work, board work, and to work with others on projects and teams. This is not only great for your experience and on your resume, but it helps our organization as well. The ASGNA is only able to continue because of the volunteer efforts of the board and committee members.

Present - at education events or conference - The ASGNA regional conference is the perfect place to hone your presentation skills. We are looking for individuals to step up and engage fellow members with subjects and presentations that they are passionate about and feel are relevant to their practice.

Scholarships - are available to members working to advance themselves professionally.


Be a member of the ASGNA - Join ASGNA - ASGNA members receive many valuable benefits including membership in both the national and regional organization, SGNA publications, discounts on conference and certification fees, education opportunities, scholarships and more.

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