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Thank you to our ASGNA members! The ASGNA Board appreciates all of you and thanks you for your continued support.  The first half of the year had several opportunities for virtual Education.  If you participated, thank you!   The education is keeping current with the times! 

Jeannie thank you for all the work completed in 2020.  The ASGNA has an updated set of By-laws. The ASGNA board has been fiscally responsible, throughout 2020 and this fiscally conservative approach will continue throughout 2021.  Let’s thank our 2020 President Jeannie, for being a president with integrity and a get it done attitude. Thank you for all that you do and taking time from a busy life to volunteer as the ASGNA president in 2020!

Welcome to a New Year and a new decade and the second half of 2021.  Our vision for 2021 is to grow the ASGNA membership.  Please remind all of your co-workers how important it is to belong to a group of like-minded people, especially when we all work for the same common goal.  Education is so important, especially when things are changing rapidly; sometimes even daily.  Education for 2021 will all be virtual!  To date there have been 4 educational hours.  The ASGNA board has discussed at great length whether to hold in person education; but felt it in the best interest and safety of our members to continue with virtual education platform for 2021. The Fall Conference will be in October 16, 2021.  Unfortunately, there is no way to predict, the trend of COVID19. Please know that we the ASGNA board, appreciate your ongoing support during unprecedented times. 

Again, thank you to our members for continued support, during difficult times.  I’d like to remind returning members, new members, and potential members, that ASGNA is a regional board, that works for you to create educational opportunities throughout the year.  ASGNA Board Members are volunteers and donate their time willingly.  As a member or potential member, consider attending a board meeting.  The ASGNA board is constantly working to bring excellent educational events to you our members. 

The ASGNA has had many triumphs throughout the years!  Our membership makes ASGNA better, however, unprecedented times have not only decreased the number of Board members, but also the number of current members of ASGNA.  If you’re a member, consider asking a friend or co-worker to join ASGNA.  There are many benefits of being a member, such as reduced fee’s for educational events, a group forum where you can pose questions with responses from many other members, year-round access to Webinars, reduced fees for education materials. Currently, if you refer a person who is a brand new member to SGNA, you’ll get a 10% discount off your 2022 membership, just have them place your name in the referral section.

Letter from Tina Gaulet, RN